University of Minnesota cracks down on cyclists

Can too many bikes  be too much of a good thing?

The Minnesota Daily reports that bike congestion has gotten so bad in the University of Minnesota area that a crackdown on cyclists is underway.

Biking on the sidewalk will get you fined $98, and the school is looking into ways to limit bike parking.

Why now?

The number of cyclists on campus rose 13 percent, or 1,000 bikes, this year, according to a University-wide email from Vice President Pam Wheelock. The congestion is compounded by Green Line light rail construction that reroutes bikers from Washington Avenue onto campus.

Read more about reaction to the bike stings here. 


  • thequeengeek

    Thank goodness someone is paying attention to bikers on the sidewalk. As a pedestrian, it’s a real hazard all over the city. I’ve been hit more than once this summer (never so fast I was hurt, but how long before that happens?) I think it’s really important to teach bikers how to bike. We don’t learn proper rules, and often people think what they’re doing is safer, when in actuality they are at risk for collision with poles, mailboxes and pedestrians.

    I’m slower and squishier than you. 🙂

  • Matt Kennedy

    The U is a total mess when it comes to cyclists. I am very much pro-bicycle, but so many students seem to lack any respect or understanding when it comes to safe cycling. I am constantly seeing cyclists blast through Dinkytown’s redlights, weaving through traffic, going the wrong way on one-ways. Hardly a helmet in sight, most of them with earbuds in. Its a wonder more of them aren’t killed all the time.

  • mwallek

    Night time illumination is not too much to ask for. Having had a number of young intellectuals come from behind, no lights, to cut in front of me as I make a left, I’d like to see mandated illumination for night riding. Also, many bikers fail to signal, assuming drivers are more vigilant than many actually are. A biker is generally younger, hence immortal, so educating them on RESPONSIBLE riding is nothing to gloss over, as we are now.

  • Nicole

    Rather than charging poor college students obscene fines, perhaps we should first look at the question of whether there is adequate infrastructure available for the number of cyclists on campus. I can’t imagine *wanting* to ride on a sidewalk with pedestrians unless the alternative is even worse (ie riding with 3000# vehicles with iattentive drivers at the wheel). People tend to follow rules when they are good and fair. I believe a lot of the attitudes people complain about with cyclists stem from the attitude of “if the rules don’t include me, they don’t apply to me either”. As for the bike rack issue–c’mon U, get it together. That’s a cheap and easy fix. If you build it, they will come. 1000 new cyclists is far preferable on campus than 1000 additional cars.

  • C

    The U does not want cyclists on campus. As a biker I see this all the time… planters placed in bike lanes, a reluctance to add any bike infrastructure on campus, cracking down on bikers when the problem is a lack of places for them to go.

  • Starquest

    I want to know how the fine works. You don’t need a license to ride a bike. As far as I’m aware, you aren’t required to carry a driver license with you. What if you tell the cop you don’t have your wallet?

    They never explain this part. It’s just “YOU’LL BE FINED!”