Socrates and Picasso accused of attempted murder

Minneapolis police say on the afternoon of Oct. 13  a pair of brothers, Socrates J. Dejoachim, 24, and his older brother Picasso J. Dejoachim, 34,  tried to kill a man in north Minneapolis by shooting at him from a car.

According to the complaint filed this week in Hennepin County District Court,  Picasso fired the gun and Socrates drove the car – a burgundy Oldsmobile Alero registered to their mother – who was not named in the charges.   Police say the victim, who broke Picasso’s jaw in a fight two years ago, was struck three times and was hospitalized. Picasso has allegedly held a grudge against the man ever since the fight.

Besides the famous first names of the two defendants, another aspect of the case is worth noting.  According to the complaint, the wounded man, also not named in the charges, identified his attackers through a photo lineup.

Police officers have told me shooting victims are often not willing to cooperate with investigators – even when they know who shot them. The two brothers are both charged with attempted first degree murder and drive-by shooting.