Creating a Halloween wonderland

Some people put out pumpkins for Halloween. James Broden prefers zombie babies (the plastic kind, of course).

For the past six years, James has transformed his front yard into a holiday wonderland — complete with killer motorcycle clowns and rubber rats dining on a deer carcass. It’s the kind of thing that makes you stop your car — which is exactly what I did when I spotted a seemingly endless array of skeletons out my driver’s side window.

James practically layers the lawn with ghouls and ghosts. And he doesn’t stop at the property line. He also decorates the yards of three neighboring houses.

It’s hard to truly take in all the vultures, tombstones and howling demons. But you should certainly try. James lives on 28th Avenue South in Minneapolis, near East 42nd Street. His is the home with the strobe lights, spooky sound effects and baby dolls in the process of devouring their own limbs.