More density coming to Dinkytown

The Minneapolis City Council has approved the construction of a 6-story, 140-unit apartment complex near the University of Minnesota.

An architectural rendering of the building. (Source: City of Minneapolis)

The site of the development is made up mostly of parking lots, but until recently it was also home to several small businesses including The Podium music store and The Book House.

The red box shows the footprint of the building. (Source: City of Minneapolis)

A group of residents fought to block the building, arguing it would change the character of the Dinkytown neighborhood.

“This level of density is not approporiate for this area,” said Council Member Diane Hofstede, whose ward includes the proposed development.

But a majority of the city council disagreed, countering that development will help Minneapolis grow its population.

“Growth is good for cities. The opposite is not good for any city,” Council Member Gary Schiff said.

In greenlighting the project, the council rejected the recommendation of its zoning and planning committee — a relatively unusual step.