Bongo calves born at Minnesota Zoo

Two bongo calves were born at the Minnesota Zoo. Here’s one of them with its mother.

Bongo calf and mother

The male calf was born on  June 6th, followed by a  female calf, born on  June 16th.

The Minnesota Zoo sent out a press release with the details about the calves, which are found in the lowland rain forest of West Africa and the Congo Basin, to the Central African Republic and Southern Sudan. Bongos are forest antelopes.

The release said the calves stood within minutes of birth.  Bongo mothers  teach their young to swim by having their calves follow other bongos into the water.

The calves are part of the Zoo’s  summer Africa! exhibit that also includes giraffes, ostriches, wildebeest, addax and guinea fowl. The exhibit runs through September 2.