Andrew holds lead; Hodges surges; deadlock possible

The chances of Minneapolis DFL delegates agreeing on a candidate for mayor dimmed as the party’s convention approached the beginning of its 12th hour.

Mark Andrew continued to lead with 49 percent of the vote, but the momentum moved to Betsy Hodges, who had 47 percent on the third ballot. Both remained far from the 60 percent threshold for endorsement.

Gary Schiff, who came in third on the first two ballots, formed an alliance with Hodges when it became clear he stood no chance of winning endorsement.

Schiff plans to continue his campaign, but he urged his delegates to support Hodges.

It appears many of them did. Hodges picked up 171 votes after Schiff dropped out; Andrew gained 62 votes.

The convention rules call for a minimum of five ballots, but delegates have made several motions to adjourn without an endorsement. So far, all have failed.