Who is Tim Holden, and why is he running for St. Paul mayor?

new_shooter_in_town.jpgDriving down Snelling Ave. last weekend, I saw a man standing on the corner of University Ave. holding a hand-lettered sign: “Holden for mayor.”

Tim Holden is the sole challenger to St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman, who announced yesterday he’s seeking a third term.

Holden has lived in the city for about five years, but his remodeling company, Added Value Improvements, has been here more than 15. He also works as a landlord and a real estate agent.

Holden became frustrated with City Hall, because of the Central Corridor Light Rail Transit line, which runs right in front of his business. The new LRT eliminated the on-street parking in front of the building, which he shares with The Love Doctor. Holden says the city’s response to those concerns was inadequate.

“There’s a lot that could be improved upon, and it all begins with accountability and transparency,” Holden said.

Holden is running as an independent. He said his political views tend toward the Democratic Party, although he has volunteered in the past for former U.S. Rep. Jim Ramstad, a moderate Republican.

Holden acknowledged he faces an uphill battle taking on a DFL incumbent in this virtually one-party town, but he vowed to “give it my best shot.”

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