Tuthill may run despite DFL snub

Minneapolis City Council Member Meg Tuthill says supporters are urging her to run for re-election, even though DFL delegates endorsed challenger Lisa Bender at last weekend’s convention.

If Tuthill does defend her seat, she’d have to break a pledge to drop out of the race if another candidate got the party’s nod.

Minneapolis City Council Member Meg Tuthill. (MPR File Photo/Curtis Gilbert)

“A number of what you might categorize as party types are saying, ‘run,” Tuthill said in a phone interview today.

She stressed that for now, she’s suspended her campaign, and may never restart it. But she’s leaving herself “wiggle room.”

Prior to the convention, Tuthill told MPR News and the Stonewall DFL that she would not run against an endorsed candidate, a pledge party regulars call “abiding by the endorsement.”

Tuthill was the one of three incumbent DFL city council members who were spurned by party delegates at conventions over the weekend. Council Member Robert Lilligren has vowed to fight on to November against DFL-endorsed challenger Abdi Warsame. Delegates in Ward 12 declined to endorse Council Member Sandy Colvin Roy or her challenger, Andrew Johnson.