3 tips for dealing with coyotes in St. Paul

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The city of St. Paul outlined some practical tips for residents if they spot a coyote. Coyotes sightings have recently increased and spring is the season when they are “most aggressive,” the city warned in a press release issued Friday.

Here are the basic rules the city suggests for dealing with coyotes:

  • 1. Don’t provide a food source. Experts insist that residents should never feed coyotes.
  • 2. Haze or annoy the animals if you see them. If you see coyotes in your yard, haze them. Examples of this include banging on a pot and pan, throwing a stick or rock at them, yelling at the animal, whistling at them, or spraying them with hoses or pepper spray. Do not make them feel welcome and be persistent and consistent in hazing them.
  • 3. Be mindful of the law. Saint Paul ordinance requires a leash on all dogs for good reason. Keeping your pets, especially small ones, on a leash when outside at all times will go a long way to ensuring they do not wander off and find themselves around an aggressive coyote. Ultimately, the only way to assure that your pet is totally safe from coyotes or other predators is to keep them inside.

But the release also aimed to reassure residents:

Coyotes have a natural fear of humans, and there have been few verified reports of a coyote attacking pets. Attacks on humans, particularly children, are extremely rare.

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