Voice your opinion on the Bottineau LRT


The Met Council is holding the last in a series of public hearings on the planned Bottineau light rail line in Minneapolis on Monday. The Bottineau LRT would run from Brooklyn Park to downtown Minneapolis, and connect to the Hiawatha, Central and proposed Southwest LRTs, and the Northstar commuter rail line near Target Field.

The five communities along the route are backing the project. Met Council chair Sue Haigh says the project will provide transit to an underserved area of the metro.

“It really addresses the growing travel demand that we are going to see with growth in this area,” said Haigh. “We are projecting that this particular part of the region is going to grow by at least about 140,000 people between now and 2030, so that is a lot of extra people.”

The hearing begins at 5 p.m. at the Metro Transit Heywood Office Building in Minneapolis. Community testimony at the hearing will be collected and included in the planning process as the project moves forward.

  • Kasia

    I am amazed that such a poorly planned project is being taken so seriously. The ridership numbers are guesstimates at best. How can a project of this magnitude be planned without strong data to support its purpose?

    And if north Minneapolis isn’t getting a stop, which underserved populations is Sue Haigh referring to?

  • Genevieve Doss

    I have to say this came as a complete surprise to us to find it on google news instead of brooklyn park telling us about it. There is currently not enough room to run a light rail up west broadway, which means they are going to have to either knock down houses on the east side of west broadway, or take land away from businesses like rainbow and bp evangelical free church, the graveyard and the lutheran church (near 73rd). Seems like a bad idea at best. Be better to run it all the way up Bottineau blvd, although I bet Target had a huge say in where it should go, and since their campus is on west broadway, they win. Irony – we just paid off our house on 78th ave. Why didn’t brooklyn park tell us about this.