Opportunity to weigh in on Mpls-Duluth high speed rail

MnDOT is releasing an environmental assessment of the proposed Northern Lights Express, a high speed passenger rail service that would connect Minneapolis and Duluth.

The 155 mile rail line would run mostly on existing track from BNSF, and would reach speeds of 110 mph.


“The Environment Assessment will describe the purpose and need for the proposed project, alternatives considered, environmental impacts such as vegetation, wildlife resources and wetlands,” said MnDOTProject Manager Julie Carr.

The report is available on MnDOT’s website. Hard copies will be on display at various government buildings near the train route (part of the route goes through Wisconsin).

There will be a public hearing and open house Thursday, April 4, from 6 to 8 p.m., at the Cambridge Armed Forces Reserve Community Center in Cambridge, Minn.

  • Eric

    I wonder if it is worth the money. It will cost 700 million and yet only travel a 110 m/hr top speed? Does not sound like high speed to me…And that is coming from a rail/ train supporter guy.


  • Brian Finstad

    I cannot wait for this! I especially like that there is a station in Superior. If Superior had the space for a Park and Ride (which I believe it does), it would be the station of choice for people arriving / departing from the Twin Ports as long term parking in downtown Duluth would be quite difficult. This could be a huge plus for the Superior business district – especially if there is an inviting, walkable connection from the station to Tower Avenue.

  • Dan Hendrickson

    Where’s the stop at Union Depot in St. Paul?