MnDOT releases St. Croix bridge report


MnDOT today released its St. Croix River Crossing project annual report. The report details what the Minnesota and Wisconsin transportation departments have completed or are working on related to what will be the state’s largest bridge project over the past year.

And it gives a preview of what to expect.

This month, engineers are working on preparing to let contracts for the bridge’s river foundations, and for the bridge superstructure this fall.

The report provides a breakdown of preliminary estimated construction costs:

Minnesota Roadway Approach $60 million

River Bridge Early Foundation $45 million

River Bridge and Ramp Bridges $255 million

Wisconsin Roadway Approach $40 million

Subtotal: $400 million

Construction is expected to begin on the Minnesota roadway approach in April. Foundation work is expected to start in May. Work on the project is expected to continue through 2017.

Here’s the timetable:

MN Roadway: 2013 to 2014

Foundations for new river bridge: 2013

New river bridge and ramp bridges: 2013-2016

WI Roadways: 2014-2016

Lift Bridge Conversion Project: 2017

Mitigation Package Implementation – ongoing to 2017

Check out the report here.

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