Accent Signage noted for business achievements while late founder’s son keeps high profile

Accent Signage in Minneapolis is receiving media attention for something other than the horrific workplace shooting that took place there last year. The company sent out a press release with news that it recently received a ‘Community Impact Award’ from Minnesota Business magazine, for making products in an environmentally friendly way.

Accepting the award for Accent Signage, CFO and Interim GM Rod Grander said, “We owe so much to our founder and President, the late Reuven Rahamim, for his 30 years of leadership in the company and community, to John Souter for his innovative and sustainable product designs, and to every member of the Accent Signage team both past and present for their hard work and dedication to the company.”

The company says Rahamim will also receive a posthumous award this spring for sign-making innovations he created.

Rahamim’s legacy is also being kept alive in the public eye by his 17-year-old son, Samuel, who in the wake of his father’s shooting death – as well as the violent deaths of five other people — has been speaking out against gun violence. Samuel has met with President Obama and other national leaders who are trying to pass new gun control laws. During his testimony this week at a state Senate hearing, the younger Rahamim described his father as an immigrant who lived the American dream by building his own business.

“I want my father’s story told so other families will not have to go through the same devastation when it is often preventable through sensible gun violence prevention legislation,” said Rahamim. “My dad lived the American dream, but died the American nightmare.”

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