Minneapolis reveals General Mills’ support of gun summit

Minneapolis disclosed it received a $10,000 donation from General Mills, after MPR News questioned why the contribution was listed as “anonymous” in official city documents.

“General Mills made this donation to assist the police department [with] its efforts to reduce violent crime, and to help fund the Mayor’s gun summit a couple weeks ago,” city spokesman Matt Laible wrote in an e-mail.

Ways & Means Committee Chair Betsy Hodges said General Mills wished to remain anonymous, but city rules would not allow it. She called the omission “an honest mistake.”

The mayor’s summit focused on preventing violence through tighter gun regulations, the kind of thing that draws fierce opposition from groups like the National Rifle Association.

General Mills drew both praise and protest last year when it publicly opposed a ballot initiative that would have banned same-sex marriage in the Minnesota Constitution.

The Golden Valley-based company has not taken a public stance on gun control. General Mills did not immediately respond to a request for comment. UPDATE 4:45: In a brief statement, General Mills denied the donation was made anonymously, but did not elaborate.

Anonymous donations are common in the world of private charities, but state law requires city councils to formally accept virtually any gift the municipality receives.

The Minneapolis City Council recently voted to accept such mundane items as “dog and cat food, toys and treats, blankets, and animal supplies,” donated to its Animal Care & Control office. The city disclosed the source of every toy and treat.

Laible, the city spokesman, said Minneapolis could theoretically accept an anonymous gift, but only if no one from the city knew where the money came from.

  • j

    I’ll buy General Mills products any day when I know

    my money will support moral right over corporate greed.

  • Jim

    I will never again buy a General Mills product now that I know they are funding an attack on the Bill of Rights.

  • Frank

    I agree with Jim, General Mills is on my no buy list from now on! To even support an attack on the 2nd Amendment is unacceptable. It’s called the bill of rights, if the government can regulate an item it becomes a privilege, not a right.

  • Kirk

    Don’t you think all those children in Newtown had a RIGHT to live? THANK YOU GENERAL MILLS! I wholeheartedly support this action.

  • Ryan

    Trying to take away more Rights of the American people will still not stop criminals from hurting people. The same week of Newtown a man in China stabbed 20 children. “Gun free zones” are the most dangerous places.

    If parents and teachers were allowed to protect their children this might not have happened. There have been several attempted school shootings where a teacher/principal was armed and stopped a massacre like Newtown but you don’t hear about those.

  • Rick

    Time to check the cupbards and see what needs to be boycotted. Thank you for coming out in the open about anti gun measures which would not have saved the Sandyhook children and will make us un safer. People risking felonies for murder do not care about gun laws. Only the folks who would obey the law.

  • Jim

    53 years of eating Cheerios and they use profits off my eating their cereal to pull a stunt like this? Corporations should stay the heck out of politics. Goodbye Cheerios, hello corn flakes.

  • Edward

    If you believe that taking guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens will make you one bit safer you are sadly mistaken. Criminals will never give up their guns and in the end will be the only ones able to own them. Who will save you then? The police do not prevent crime they only solve them after the fact.

  • Jeremy

    Drugs are illegal, so criminals don’t have them right? If guns were illegal, they would only be owned by criminals. The Second Amendment is in place to preserve the First, the Fourth, the Fifth, the Twenty-Second, etc. I will no longer support companies like General Mills that wants to destroy my Constitution. It is not negotiable!