Win fame in Norway!

“Alt for Norge” (aka “The Great Norway Adventure”) seeks more Minnesota contestants for a reality TV show. Here’s a clip from season three:

Want to see yourself on the mountaintop, where every day is Christmas?

According to casting director Joan O’Connor (alas, not a Norwegian):

1) You must be open to adventure

2) Have a little Norwegian ancestry

3) Be a U.S. citizen over 18

4) Have never been to Norway

O’Connor says “The Great Norway Adventure” is a gentler style of reality show. No one is voted off the fjord, rather each contestant is challenged with his or her own Norwegian adventure: tasting curious foods, partaking of Norsk athletic adventures, braving the language of the Vikings. Apparently the Norwegian audience can’t get enough of these Minnesotans coming back to the Motherland. Six Minnesotans have appeared in past seasons.

Here’s more info:

The series follows 12 Norwegian-Americans who fly to Norway and immerse themselves in the culture and compete in a series of extreme challenges that test their skills, courage and determination. The winner receives a CASH prize of $50,000.00 and will meet Norwegian relatives they don’t even know exist.

For all information go to and click on the casting board.

The Open Call is on Saturday, Dec. 1, from 11 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and will take place in the Executive Center at Mall of America®, which is located on level 4, east.

And for all you Swedes and Danes out there, there are reality shows for you too. We’ll keep you posted when we get notice of their casting calls.

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