St. Paul police pick Crown Victoria replacement

The demise of the standard Crown Victoria as a police cruiser has departments across Minnesota looking for replacements. Here’s St. Paul’s selection, Ford’s new Taurus-based squad car.


This is one of the first couple the department has acquired according to public information officer, Sgt. Paul Paulos. He says it’s a commander’s car, so it isn’t fully fitted out for patrol. But it hit the street yesterday for the Twin Cities Marathon — this one was parked at Grand and Cleveland, a block from the action.

The department also has several Ford Explorer-based squads in the shop, getting rigged out for duty.

  • That car looks awesome. I wonder if its more comfortable when you get arrested and you have to sit in the back of the squad car. :Pwnd. lol.

  • Tim Nelson

    Actually, the SPPD said that’s part of why they picked it. They said they felt that some of the other alternatives, like the Dodge Charger, didn’t fit larger suspects in the back seat as well.