Is it art or advertising?

Both Minneapolis and St. Paul are considering where to draw the line between art and advertising. I have a story on the radio today about how the issue is unfolding in the two Twin Cities.

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Are these cats art or advertising? Where would you draw the line? Take this survey!

  • Morgan

    Unless a business owner is willing to leave the design completely up to an impartial artist, they’re not really interested in art–they’re interested in advertising them self. We’re already bombarded with ads. We don’t need our streets lined with building-sized billboards. Once advertising is allowed in murals, what’s to stop companies from buying “mural space” on the side of a residential house? Murals aren’t regulated like billboards are, so there’d be no stopping how far advertisers can go. “It’s not an ad, it’s art!” they’ll say. Next thing you know, there’ll be cigarette ads… oh, sorry, “murals”… across the street from every high school in town. It’s not a slippery slope, it’s a bottomless pit. Say no now!

  • Terel Letcher

    I think certain things such as this should be able to be voted on directly by the public that it will affect and by a populist vote not just a few polarized city council members or a zoning bored. Letting all the citizens be heard meaning 1 person 1 vote would be a truer testament to democracy. I don’t think cigarettes would stand a chance, if this where the case. but the cats… maybe.

  • Morgan

    Terel, so every mural is to be approved by the artistic whims of the public? That’s not fair to true artistic murals, and it’s not realistic to hold a vote every time a mural goes up. If a business wants to have a mural-style sign on their building, they can…. they just have to follow the perfectly reasonable rules we already have for advertising signs — which were created by us through the representatives we elected (that’s how democracy works.) We don’t need more ads. The businesses are trying to create loopholes for themselves. Don’t be fooled like Gary Schiff has been.