CCLRT Cedar Street construction update: 93 degrees

That was the calculation on Monday at 2 p.m. from one of the construction workers on Cedar Street.

He pulled out his smart phone to check, and we both agreed that felt a tad low given the sizzle we were feeling from the sun.

Anyway, in our continuing effort to inform faithful readers, here’s the July 2 snapshot of Cedar Street construction.

Thumbnail image for cedarrebar.jpg

There’s a bit of a zoom to this one to focus on the rebar in place for what will be the 10th Avenue station.

And now, at absolutely no extra charge, here’s a perspective from a skyway over Cedar street looking north toward the Capitol.

Thumbnail image for skycedar.jpg

The official Central Corridor construction schedule says:

Construction north of Cedar and Seventh Street will include underground utility relocation, station work at the 10th Street Station, Cedar Street bridge retrofit, roadway reconstruction, and installation of track. Construction south of Cedar and Seventh Street will include finishing underground utility relocation in several intersections, station work at the Central Station, roadway reconstruction and installation of track. Cedar Street will be closed to thru traffic from March to November.

Construction is to be substantially complete by year’s end, with systems’ work and testing to occur in 2013 and early 2014 and operation to begin in 2014.