Steel rising at the 10th street station

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Here’s my snapshot from this week chronicling progress on the Central Corridor 10th street light rail station.

There are other stations where construction is farther along, but this is the one closest to where I work in downtown St. Paul.

The $957 million Central Corridor light rail construction project is a dream come true for sidewalk gawkers like me. Lots of heavy equipment, an army of workers doing interesting things, big holes being dug revealing mysterious tunnels and exotic-looking pipes.

Of course the project is also a nightmare if your business is affected or you’re trying to drive around or through it.

The bigger picture according to the Federal Transit Administration is there are ten other big transit projects underway around the country.

One of them is a bus way, so-called BRT for bus rapid transit. Our Twin Cities bus rapid transit projects are delayed. The Cedar Avenue line from Apple Valley is scheduled to begin service sometime next year.

The 35W service from Lakeville is mostly in the eye and mind of the planners at this point.

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