Twin Cities residents ‘check in’ to jail, medical examiner’s office online

The social networking website Foursquare allows users to “check in” when they go somewhere, like McDonald’s or the Como Zoo, and leave advice for other visitors.

More than 57,000 people have checked in at Target Field and left 221 tips, like this one:

“Seek out the Kramarczuk’s stands & get a brat with onions and kraut. Everything else is just a hot dog.”

Of course, not every day can be spent at the ballpark.

There are also Foursquare sites for the Hennepin County Jail (273 check-ins) and the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office (203 check-ins).

The visitors to these locations also share tips — of a different kind.

At the Hennepin County Jail, the advice includes:

“Don’t party like an animal and act like a jack*** when you get arrested … it doesn’t go over well.”

“don’t drink and drive!”

“Don’t be a person of color it never ends well.”

A visitor at the Hennepin County Family Justice Center had this tip to share:

“Never get married in the first place.”

Another advice-giver was less diplomatic:

“Make sure you have kids when you are ready & you know your partner is ready! My kids mom SUCKS!”

The website offers a peek inside some of the least popular places in the Twin Cities, but (surprise, surprise) it’s not entirely accurate. Users can create their own places and check-in wherever they’d like.

That’s how the building at 12555 University Ave NE in Blaine ended up listed as “Prison.”

The prison in question is more commonly known as Blaine High School.

Only one person bothered to share some advice for visitors:

“Just leave right awa(y)”

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