Mpls police looking for suspect who shot, paralyzed homeless man

Minneapolis police are looking for a man suspected of shooting and paralyzing a 42-year-old man yesterday at the Franklin Library. According Lt. Mike Fossum, the victim is a homeless Sudanese immigrant. Fossum, the head of the department’s robbery unit, said the man was in the basement bathroom of the library washing his hands and brushing his teeth, when the male suspect entered.

“The male said something to the victim and the victim couldn’t understand what he was saying,” said Fossum. “Then approximately 60 seconds later the victim was shot once in the middle of the back.”

Fossum said the injured man had seen the shooter before at the library. He said the victim has no idea why the man would shoot him. According to Fossum, the victim was carrying a backpack with personal items including a laptop computer, but nothing was stolen.

Fossum said the victim is paralyzed from the waist down. But he doesn’t think the injured man is aware of his prognosis.

“I don’t think he knows yet,” said Fossum. “He’s 42 years old. And I don’t think he knows yet that he’s paralyzed.”

Fossum said investigators are looking through security video footage from Franklin Library and from the Downtown Central Library. He said both the victim and suspect were frequent visitors to both libraries.

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