Walker Community United Methodist Church destroyed by fire

Members of Walker Community Church will do what they always do on the last Monday of the month: they’ll feed their neighbors. Although the church was destroyed by a fire last night and leveled to the ground by wrecking crews this morning, they’ll hold their Memorial Day picnic anyway.

Church Fire 030aslanianx480.jpg

The building was pronounced a “total loss” by city officials this morning, and the graceful walls that had stood since 1909, came down. Here’s a photo my colleague Hart VanDenberg took first thing this morning. The church was leveled by noon.

Church Fire 020vanx480.jpg

This morning, the congregation held a meeting to begin planning for the future. Updates will be posted on the church’s website.

I produced a short piece about the church for this afternoon’s All Things Considered. Many people knew the church through the various community groups it hosted. If you have a story about Walker, please share it with others here.

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