Minneapolis expands recycling

Add milk cartons, juice boxes, yogurt cups and takeout containers to the growing list of items you can recycle in Minneapolis.

The city is expanding its recycling program to include “nearly all of the frequently used containers that used to end up in the trash.”

From the city’s news release:

Customers can recycle cartons – that includes milk cartons, juice boxes and soup, broth and wine cartons – and plastic containers including yogurt cups, cottage cheese containers and deli and takeout containers. Minneapolis recycling crews will pick up these additional items with the regular recycling. Cartons can go in the same bag with the paper.

Customers can now recycle the plastic caps and lids on plastic containers and should leave them on the container (after rinsing, of course) or they will literally slip through the cracks of the recycling machinery.

The city’s website has the details.