Sabo bridge damage still under investigation

Minneapolis public works director Steve Kotke presented a brief update today on the progress of the investigation into why a pair of cables fell from the Sabo bridge last month.

sabo bridge.jpg</form MPR Photo/Matt Sepic

Kotke didn’t have a lot to say. The city has finished removing two faulty plates from the bridge — one plate fractured, causing the cables attached to it to fall down, and the other had significant damage — and has shipped them off to researchers at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania. Kotke says he expects some results from the study to come back in four to six weeks.

I’ve ridden my bike past the bridge several times since the collapse. There are barricades and signs directing bike traffic to cross Hiawatha at 28th. And while I miss the view provided by the bridge, I’ve found that waiting for the light on 28th St. doesn’t take as long as I expected.