Poetry Lin Motion

You might be thinking, “Enough with the Jeremy Lin puns already!”

One Asian supermarket and deli in Minneapolis wants you to have some literary fun with the NBA’s sudden star — in the form of haiku.

On its Facebook page, United Noodles announced it will award a Knicks No. 17 jersey to the best writer who can reference both Lin and the grocery in the Japanese poetic form. For those of you who don’t remember the rules you learned in fifth grade, haiku comprises three lines totaling 17 syllables — five, seven, and five, respectively.

It’s harder than it looks. Here’s my desperate field-goal attempt:

United Noodles

Concocts Taiwanese beef soup

Lin-finite pleasures

Sharpen your pencils and have at it. Deadline is March 1.

In the meantime, check out this brilliant “SNL” sketch from over the weekend about the media’s cringe-worthy blunders referring to Lin’s race, including some pretty tasteless jokes and an exhausting barrage of puns. I, for one, am co-opting the term “Amasian.”