Fiscal sage Gunyou ready to close the books

John Gunyou says he’ll retire as [Minnetonka city manager]( June 1.

If you don’t know who John Gunyou is, he’s the smiling guy who’s been talking fiscal sense to Minnesotans for decades.


Sadly, evidence that we’ve heard and adopted his advice is not immediately apparent.

One sign of Gunyou’s credibility is that politicians on both sides of the aisle find him reliable.

Gunyou was state finance commissioner under Republican Governor Arne Carlson.

He was DFLer Margaret Anderson Kelliher’s [running mate ]( her bid for the DFL gubernatorial nomination in 2009.

He was finance director for the city of Minneapolis and for Minnesota Public Radio.

We know he can add and subtract, and understands the consequences for not having that skill, because he was once a middle school math and history teacher.

Gunyou’s time as a state numbers mogul gave him an excellent high altitude view of where government reform is needed.

More than eleven years as the Minnetonka city manager sharpened his views and his opinions.

Here’s his response from a recent public policy seminar when Gunyou was asked, “What would you most like to have from the state?”

Gunyou: “To get out of the way. Seriously.”

Gunyou’s retirement as Minnetonka’s city manager probably has others already speculating about how they can convince the guy to come to work for them.

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