Mpls ‘laundry room burglar’ is on the loose

South Minneapolis apartment dwellers — are you looking for a reason to procrastinate doing your laundry? You’ve come to the right place.

The Minneapolis Police Department says there’s a laundry room burglar on the loose. It’s likely the same man was responsible for two laundry room break-ins, police said — one at 3019 Pleasant Ave S. on Nov. 1 and the other at 4300 Grand Ave S. on Dec. 2.

At the apartment on Grand, the man allegedly pried open the coin box on a washing machine and cut several water lines on his way out, causing the basement to flood.

Both break-ins occurred between 6 and 8 p.m., police said.

The Pleasant Ave. apartment building has a camera in its laundry room, and the police released two images of the alleged burglar.

Laundry Room Suspect One.jpg

Laundry Room Suspect Two.jpg

If you rob a bank, I’m guessing you expect to be videotaped. But how many laundry rooms have security cameras?

Police are asking anyone who can identify the suspect or provide information about the break-ins to call Sgt. James Jensen, of the 5th Precinct Property Crimes Unit, at 612-673-5587.

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