Minneapolis: An ever-changing skyline

Sometime in the 1970s my mom signed me up for a drawing class for kids at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. They lined us up in a glass hallway looking out toward downtown Minneapolis and taught us to draw the skyline.

We drew the IDS and the Foshay.

Mpls skyline 1972.jpg

I thought of my modest little drawing today as news cameras filled the foyer of the Hennepin County Central Library– one of downtown’s recent treasures– and downtown business leaders unveiled their vision for the city in 2025.

They used words like thriving, liveable, green, connected, exciting and welcoming.

We reported on the sports district that would include a new Vikings stadium. The plan also includes building Gateway Park and transforming Nicollet into a “must-see” destination stretching from the Walker Art Center to the Mississippi River. You can read the 10 point plan here.

Downtown Council President and CEO Sam Grabarski reminded the crowd of the city’s track record for delivering on its dreams: a new Twins stadium, LRT, and residential housing downtown. Even in a down economy, the city continues to think big, even pledging to end street homelessness.

I’m pretty sure I can’t draw the skyline anymore.


Photo credits:

Archival image of Minneapolis Skyline photographed by Forest J. Sorenson in 1972 courtesy of the Minnesota History Center.

Vision from Intersections: Downtown 2025 Plan, courtesy of the Minneapolis Downtown Council.

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