Mpls residents help bust drug ring

Police credit a flurry of tips from a south Minneapolis neighborhood that led to the bust of a heroin ring. On Friday, Minneapolis police said the information helped them identify one of the main dealers.

Gonzalo Tapia-Robles was arrested this week and charged with first degree sale of narcotics. The 25-year-old man allegedly sold drugs in the area next to I-35W to Lyndale Ave. S, from 40th St. to 50th St.

Tapia-Robles has 30 aliases and has sold narcotics in several states, police said. Undercover officers also recovered a “significant amount” of heroin and cocaine, according to statement Friday from the Minneapolis police.

Police made the arrest more than two months after sending an email alert asking neighbors for help. Residents responded by calling police to report the license plates of suspected drug dealers.

Crime Prevention Specialist Amy Lavendar said the information helped undercover officers make the arrest.

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