Hipster mag lauds ‘small-town mayor’ Rybak

The ultra-hip Los Angeles-based online magazine Good just published a glowing article about Mayor R.T. Rybak and the city he leads.

The piece portrays Minneapolis as a bastion of bike paths and good government.

But when you share the link on Facebook, you may see a bit of coastal condescension.

Rybak FB.jpg

I had to redact the four-letter word so as not to run afoul of MPR’s style guidelines. But what’s more offensive — swearing, or referring to a city of 380,000 as a small town?

It appears Good may have realized the headline was a bit belittling. When I posted it on my own Facebook wall, the verbiage had been tweaked: “Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak and the Art of Getting S%@# Done.”

Much better.

  • John Ellis-Guardiola

    Belittling something one doesn’t have is often the sign of jealousy. The LA biking community has a lot to envy of the Minneapolis bike paths (that get covered by snow and ice for a good portion of the year) since it is still a challenge for angeleno cyclists to get around safely and efficiently due to the slow pace of bike path construction.