Minneapolis property tax relief party at your house?

Hold your breath.

Retired Minneapolis police officers voted today to merge their pension with the state system.

Firefighters voted their approval earlier.

That sets the stage for completion of a decades-long effort to spread the city’s pension obligations to state taxpayers.

And thus give Minneapolis property tax payers a dandy break amounting over time to tens of millions of dollars.

Might be just a bit premature to print invites for your property tax relief party.

There’s still the matter of the Target Center obligation. City property tax payers fund the upkeep of that piece of real estate.

There’s a plan afoot to spread that obligation around.

Maybe real property tax relief for Minneapolis comes when the city starts selling naming rights for the sidewalks and streets.

How about a grand to have a block long stretch of sidewalk named after your first born, or a stretch of Lyndale Avenue re-named after Uncle Bert?

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