Cutting edge art on University Ave in St. Paul

hand.jpgHappily, Angela Talle ignores the “don’t touch that” advice around broken glass.

She’s breaking, snipping, nipping and handling thousands of pieces as she creates a massive mosaic on the east wall of the Turf Club, a famous St. Paul honky tonk on University Avenue near Snelling.

Yes, this is the section of University Avenue that looks like a war zone.

In fact, as Talle is setting the glass for the mosaic into mortar, she is steps away from giant earth movers tearing up the roadway for light rail construction.

Talle’s mosaic portrays a bunch of musicians strumming and singing and generally having a whee of a time.


There’s a “western” motif to the art where Talle uses real horseshoes to accentuate

the border of the mosaic.

Talle scored a state arts grant to help pay for the project commissioned by the Turf Club. It’ll be a gawking good time for pedestrians, drivers and light rail passengers, once order is restored to University Avenue.

By the way, time is waning to see Angela Talle’s massive mosaic on Peace House, the drop-in center on Franklin at Portland in Minneapolis, a building destined for demolition to make room for affordable housing.

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