Another semi tipped in downtown Minneapolis

The downtown Minneapolis rush hour ended with another upended semi-tractor trailer this morning — although it doesn’t seem as serious as the fatal crash in the Lowry Tunnel last Wednesday. Here’s what the culprit looked like after trying to round the 35 MPH curve on southbound Interstate 35W just south of I-94 this morning.


It appears the driver was ambulatory after the incident:


(Photos: Erika Nelson)

  • Jennifer

    Wow, I drive a truck and regularly go thru this tunnel! I have never tipped over! What part of 35 mph are these drivers not reading? Are they not able to read? It is scary? Had he not been in the lane he was in, he would of tipped over on the road and either landed on another car killing someone or a car ran into him and gotten killed. I have been driving big trucks for 12 years and never even came close to having something like this happen!! We can’t ban the trucks from downtown as some of us have to go there but maybe do like other major cities do and ban the ones that are NOT delivering or picking up from downtown! Something to think about!!