The definitive Twitter list for the Twin Cities food truck brigade

twistedsister.jpgThe Twin Cities food truck fleet welcomes what is, by my count, its 21st member this month. The Twisted Sister House of Hunger

Like others, it’s based out a kitchen at Midtown Global Market, and owner Wesley Kaake (pronounced “cake” if you happen upon the truck in the street) says it’s licensed in Minneapolis.

“Our daily menu is going to be smoked meat sliders,” says Kaake. “Right now we’re doing fresh smoked pulled pork with barbeque sauce, cheddar and applewood smoked bacon. And we’re also doing a beef brisket smoked slider with our homemade polygamy sauce.”

Polygamy sauce?

“It’s polygamy sauce because my partner, Cody, is a Mormon from Utah,” Kaake says. “and he took me out there and they all do fry sauce, so I though I’d change it up a little bit and we made it spicy with Sriracha and a few other things we put in there.”

It’s not every day you eat lunch with the likes of Joseph Smith, Dambudzo Marechera, David Tran and Dee Snider.

Kaake says his franchise’s name was happenstance — it was on the truck already when he bought it in Greenspring, Ohio. As for the contents of the truck, that’s a bit of an accident, too. He was actually working on a donut shop for downtown Minneapolis, but went looking for something cheaper “when the price went over $500,000.”

Like other operators, he says Twitter may be the secret ingredient for mobile food. He says he can actually watch people walk up, tweet their lunch, and see their friends show up.

Anyway, here’s what may be the definitive Twitter list for the Twin Cities food truck brigade. I don’t know of a longer list. If you know of any more, or would like to discuss the definition of “food truck” in 140 characters or less, let me know at @timnelson_mpr