That sinking feeling on 35E

Commuters heading north into St. Paul on I-35E this morning may have to detour around their usual freeway exit.

The sinkhole that opened up on the exit ramp to Kellogg Boulevard over the weekend is still there this morning, and it’s a doozy.



MnDot says it’s warning commuters about the closure on signs at West 7th Street and Wagon Wheel Trail.

It’s just one of the impacts of that deluge on Friday and Saturday. Metro Transit says the washout and derailment on the BNSF tracks in Fridley will keep Northstar commuter rail out of service until at least Tuesday morning.

But at least 35W, Highway 10 and Highway 280 are dry land again this morning. They were also flooded by heavy rain Friday night.

  • Dale

    Remind me again why we still have lower speeds on this part of 35E and no trucks. Sending them down W.7th St. never made sense to me. Guess the rich people on the hill rule the world. And my favorite is going north and not being able to go West on 94. My wife reminds me it’s the same for going East on 94 you can’t go south on 35E.

  • Tim Nelson

    It’s a U.S. District Court settlement that sets those terms. And despite the fact that they’re paper, those documents tend to prove more durable than asphalt.

  • Andrew Hine

    We poor people below the Hill also support the speed limit. It takes 3 minutes to go 3 miles at 60 mph, and a whopping 4 minutes at 45 mph. But at rush hour, traffic moves at about 30 mph, without regard to the speed limit. Why rush when it’s not even rush hour?You can’t even when it is.