Marionettes returning to Ramsey County Fair


Talk about pulling strings.

Here’s Nancy Mitchell performing at the Ramsey County Fair in 2006. They’re returning this year.

The Mitchell Marionettes make the drive from California in their showboat theater designed by Nancy’s father, a set designer for Disney.

Their performances for children are a highlight of the Ramsey County Fair in Maplewood, which opens Wednesday afternoon.

A reliable Ramsey county fair observer, my newsroom colleague Sasha Aslanian who by the way took this photo of the Mitchell Marionettes, reports the food exhibitors are showing up with their pies and breads and jellies and jams.

Seventy-nine year old Joe Fox chairs the Ramsey County Fair Board and has been a volunteer since 1966 in the all-volunteer operation.

The Fox family loves county fairs. Joe’s brother Henry helps run the Dakota County Fair, which starts August 8. That’s the Fox family home – they’re Dakota County farm kids and the family farm is still in operation.

Minnesota’s county fair season is well underway, but there are literally dozens still to come in late July through August.

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