Covering the Greek debt crisis with a Minnesota accent…sort of

Regular Marketplace and NPR listeners have been hearing a lot about the Greek debt crisis and the social unrest it has spawned.

With a Minnesota accent. Sort of.

Correspondent Joanna Kakissis actually grew up in North and South Dakota. But she started her journalism career in Minneapolis at the U’s Minnesota Daily — that scourge of the East Bank’s Murphy Hall when the paper was still in the basement. She got her B.A. at the U.

That’s her in the red shirt and the black shawl, below.


Kakissis also interned for the Minneapolis-based Star Tribune in their Washington, D.C., bureau. She eventually went to graduate school in Missouri, and to a staff writer job with the Raleigh News and Observer.

But she was born in Greece, and she’s back there now. Besides NPR and Marketplace, she’s also the Athens correspondent for TIME magazine, and works occasionally for the New York Times, Foreign Policy, The Financial Times Magazine, and PRI/BBC’s The World, among others.

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