Still waiting for a tornado fix


Earlier this week we broadcast a story on Maurice Dixon, a north Minneapolis renter who complained that his landlord was not fixing his tornado-damaged duplex.

The building suffered roof damage and water was leaking into Dixon’s bedroom. And, more than a month after the storm, a broken window was still not fixed. Dixon showed me the crumbling board he applied as a temporary patch, but it kept falling over every time the wind blew on it.

I called Dixon back to see if any progress was being made. He told me the company that owns the building, St. Paul-based Aims Realty, sent a guy out to fix the window and repair the plumbing. Dixon said his bathtub had recently started filling up with brown, smelly water. He said the repairman came by to take a look and then told Dixon he’d come back to start work later in the day. But the repairman has yet to come back to start work.

Stay tuned.

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