Some St. Paul public schools changing starting times

Some parents whose children attend St. Paul public schools are complaining that the district should have given them more notice about changes to school starting times before they had to choose a school.

Some schools will start as much as an hour later, and others will begin earlier.

school pic.jpg Maxfield Magnet, above, is one of the schools starting 30 minutes earlier.

The complete list of school starting times is here.

“We understand that this change may be inconvenient for some families, which is why we wanted to give them as much time as possible before school begins in the fall to plan for any needed adjustments to their schedules,” said Superintendent Valeria Silva, in a written statement in a press release.

The schedule change is aimed at saving the district $1.9 million, according to the press release.

Many parents have not received letters or emails about the changes to the starting time, which were sent out this week.

The district is recommending that if a school’s new start time is unworkable with a family’s schedule, they should contact the district’s student placement center at 651-632-3700 to review other available school options.

Do you feel you got enough notice about the schedule changes? Will it affect your family? Tell us at The Cities.

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