Keep the Minneapolis water clean

The city’s annual drinking water report, the 2010 edition, reports, “no contaminants were detected that violated federal drinking water standards.”

Keeping it clean was part of the message of the Solstice River XV and Global Water Dances observance Saturday afternoon.


Minneapolis residents received word recently the water is good.

Here are the Women of the Water processing along the Stone Arch Bridge to their dance spot atop the St. Anthony Falls lock and dam.

Dancers were arrayed around the area including up on the Guthrie’s Endless Bridge, and then at the end onlookers could grab a section of a long piece of fabric symbolizing what organizers called, “The Blue Highway”.

squirrels.jpg river.jpg

Water worship probably not a high priority in Minot and for communities along the Missouri. But, hey, there’s also trouble when there’s not enough.

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