Cedar Lake trail extension in Minneapolis is open


The “bike freeway”, as cycling enthusiasts call it, is the slightly more than one mile long length of the Cedar Lake trail linking it with the trail along the Mississippi river.

Among other interesting features, the trail runs under Target Field.


The grand opening of the new Cedar Lake Trail link is today at 5 p.m., but the trail is open and folks are using it.

Couple of things, bicyclists. Watch the stop signs at the sharp right turns on the portion of the trail behind the Federal Reserve Bank building…


and where the trail crosses the parkway.


If you ignore the stop signs, make sure you have good health insurance and your will is updated.

Seriously. The cross traffic on the parkway includes motorized vehicles who may or may not stop, even though there’s a sign noting it’s a crosswalk.

And remember, this is a non-motorized trail, not just a bike trail. That means you’ll encounter people on foot who for the most part have a walkway along the trail.

Oh, yes, and remember the speed limit is ten miles per hour. So those of you in training for the Tour de France, ease up.

This is a big year for non-motorized or bike trail openings in Minneapolis. Officials predict up to 35 miles of new lanes this season, more than eight times the normal expansion rate.

Here’s an example. This is the extension of the Hiawatha trail that for a time runs parallel to the light rail line.


This is the link under construction in downtown Minneapolis as the Hiawatha trail comes from the west bank, and empties out on 3rd Street South.


Look for an August opening.