North Minneapolis a model of cooperation, law and order so far

There will be much more of this as the tornado aftermath unfolds.

Stories of neighbor and neighborhood-wide help abound in north Minneapolis.

Residents have opened their doors to people who’ve lost their homes. Churches have organized dinners, groceries and counseling.

tornado damage.jpg

In the above photo from MPR’s Jeffrey Thompson, Wesley Smith directs people waiting in line for food. He helped organize a food and donation area at the corner of N. Lowry Avenue and N. Logan Avenue, which started with a few bottles of donated water and grew into several tables of hot meals and other items.

The Minnesota Black Nurses Association sent in volunteers to address residents’ medical concerns. Suburban volunteers with chainsaws helped city crews clear trees. A coffee shop owner from Maple Grove showed up with fresh supplies of the beverage.

On the law enforcement front, Minneapolis police spokesman Sgt. Stephen McCarty says there’s been no outbreak of lawlessness and credits residents with “great cooperation”.

The overall picture at this point is one of well-coordinated and generous human activity in the face of a city disaster of historic proportions.

Have you seen any other instances of this in north Minneapolis? Share them in the comments below.