Call 311 for many storm clean-up questions

Minneapolis city council members got a briefing today on tornado clean-up efforts underway in North Minneapolis.

Steve Kotke, Director of Public Works, told the council he expects by the end of the day, all streets will be passable.

The Department of Public Works’ first priority after Sunday’s storm was clearing fallen trees so emergency vehicles could get through. Phase two was clearing streets curb to curb. They’ve moved on to clearing alleys and boulevard trees now. Kotke says 72 of 86 blocked alleys are now clear, and garbage pick-up has resumed.

Here’s some important info for residents in the affected areas:

  1. While fallen trees on private property are technically the responsibility of homeowners, if residents can move them to the curb, the city will dispose of them until June 10.
  2. Trees do not need to be chopped or stacked in any particular way, but Kotke asks residents to please not move them back into streets or alleys. Call 311 for pick-up.
  3. Residents from the affected areas (north of hwy 55, West of 94) can dispose of construction debris for free. Call 311 for more info on disposal site that will be open until June 10.
  4. Motorists are urged to avoid parking on streets where heavy clean-up is underway. If you can’t find your car, call 311.
  5. If you are interested in volunteering, call 311. Minneapolis is planning a major clean-up effort on Saturday, June 4.

Council member Don Samuels, who represents parts of north Minneapolis, praised the goodwill of those coming in to help, and thanked residents on the north side who “retained their civility” despite the frustration of not getting all the help they needed quickly enough. “Remember, people are hurting, so don’t back off on the generosity or volunteerism,” said Samuels.

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