A disaster on top of a crisis


Yesterday, I walked with a group of volunteers who were going door-to-door on Knox Ave. N, talking to residents who may need assistance. The women spoke with people who were either going to repair, rebuild or move. During an off-the-mic chat, one of the volunteers told me she was in a similar predicament — except she was being forced out of her north Minneapolis home because of a foreclosure. Her foreclosure story is one of the thousands across the city, especially on the city’s north side.

It is a reminder that the tornado is a disaster on top of a crisis.

One of the other things I was struck by this week as I walked around the storm-ravaged areas of the north side was the block by block distribution of destruction. Knox Ave. from Lowry down to 27th is a mess. Since I used to live on the 2600 block of Knox, I had to pay my old neighborhood a visit to see how it fared. The block and my old house were relatively untouched by the storm.

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