Does the “E” stand for “emptier”?


On a recent stroll through the skyways, I walked into Block E and immediately noticed a lot more closed doors and blank walls. I thought, “Isn’t that where T.G.I. Friday’s used to be? I thought there was a Panchero’s over there?”

The second floor of Block E is a lot emptier since the latest tenants closed up shop. The only businesses left on the second floor are a cookie maker, a video game store, the movie theater and a kiosk that sells perfume and cologne.

Two of the previous anchor tenants, Borders and Gameworks, used to have entrances on the second floor. Of course, those businesses are both long gone. So are both the Hooters restaurant which went bankrupt, and Club Xscape which folded after the smoking ban went into effect. As a second-floor business, it had no patio access for smokers.

What kind of business do you think will thrive on the second floor – or the main floor – of Block E? I wonder if there’s enough room for a roller skating rink?

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