“Local Motives” is primer on Central Corridor politics

IMG_0505.JPGDocumentary film maker James Christenson has made silver screen stars of Macalester prof David Lanegran and U of M prof Judith Martin.

Martin and Lanegran are two of the best thinkers and talkers about Twin Cities development.

But their insights are usually confined to musty academic journals.

In Christenson’s new film, “Local Motives,” the two professors get some long overdue face time as they talk about the impact of the Central Corridor light rail project.

There’s also face time for Metric Giles, Joan Vanhalla, St. Paul city council member Melvin Carter and others who live and do business in the neighborhoods affected by the project.

There’s lots of concern among those folks about the loss of nearly 1,000 on-street parking spaces when the line is complete.


Christensen’s documentary is a penetrating look at the jockeying around the state’s largest public works gambit ever.

The first half is about the swirl of politics around a couple other Minnesota rail projects.

He tells the story with great visuals and soundtrack.

You can see it here.

Or you can go to the screening tonight at 7 p.m. at Macalester, where Christenson is a student. Details on the screening also found by clicking the link above.

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