Porky’s online auction: the bidding begins

Looking for an inexpensive way to remember Porky’s drive-in? The defunct St. Paul restaurant is offering up its contents on the website Auction Masters starting tonight.

Sure, you could bid on the iconic red neon Porky’s sign (currently priced at $1,650 with 7 bids in) …

porkys sign.jpg

But why spend the money when you could pay just $12.50 for a box of authentic Porky’s kitchenware?


Other options to consider:

A brown plastic trash bin (currently at $1.02 with 2 bids in)

“3 Plastic Tubs with 4 Lids” (currently $4.12 with 3 bids in)

A box of “assorted credit card machines” (currently available at the affordable price of $0.01)


Check out all the items online. The auction ends Wednesday night.

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