Audrey Hull’s legacy

Safety officials responded almost instantly with pleas to drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians to pay more attention to one another after a rash of fatal collisions including the death Thursday morning of Audrey Hull, 25.

She’s the University of Minnesota College of Liberal Arts student who was on her bicycle when she collided with a truck turning right in Dinkytown next to the U’s Minneapolis campus. Flowers remembering Audrey mark the intersection today.


Cycling enthusiasts for years have argued the fact that their numbers on the road are growing actually increases their safety, because drivers will notice and learn to share the road.

A rational argument.

The tragic uptick in Minneapolis bicycle and pedestrian fatalities the past week has the same effect but at a terrible cost.

What if all of us as drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists resolved, in memory of Audrey and other victims, to pay more attention, use more caution, slow down, obey the rules of the road and give a moment’s thought to the value of life?

If the moment saves a life or prevents an injury it will be the start of a fitting memorial to Audrey.

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