For clarity’s sake: Mahdi, Ahmed, Abdirahman

Just in case listeners were confused by my conversation with Tom Crann on All Things Considered last night about the latest Mahdi Hassan Ali hearing, I present the following clarification.

Three people are central to this latest development in the deadly Seward Market shooting case. All three of these people share the last name “Ali” — however, only two of them are related.

Mahdi Hassan Ali is accused of shooting the three men in the market.

Ahmed Abdi Ali is the other young man accused of being involved in the shooting. Here are their mug shots – Mahdi on the left and Ahmed on the right.


And Abdirahman Abdi Ali is the older brother of Ahmed.

You can read more about how they all fit into the shooting investigation here.

The other confusing part of yesterday’s debrief on All Things Considered occurred because of an unfortunate editing error. I explained at one point that Mahdi Ali’s lawyer said in court that Abdirahman Abdi Ali, the older brother of Ahmed, is a member of a gang called the Somali Outlaws, but that portion was edited out.

So listeners only heard Tom Crann ask me, “What do we know about the Somali Outlaws?”

Thanks to our crack production team at ATC for replacing the missing audio. The corrected version is now online.

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