Why is MnDOT asking us for our transportation vision?

How’s this for a once in a lifetime request?

The Minnesota Department of Transportation is inviting us to comment on a 50 year vision for transportation in Minnesota.


I despair over the selection of socks for my workday fashion statement.

Some with a more cynical view of the world may see this as an empty, blue sky exercise with little meaning given our near complete dependence on hydro carbons for propulsion on ribbons of concrete and asphalt.

Others with a less jaundiced perspective will embrace this as a chance to weigh in at MnDOT with pearls of wisdom and insight about our transportation future.

Hard to tell how serious MnDOT is about this exercise, but if their use of social media is an indicator they certainly want to draw in those who tweet or Facebook or are otherwise comfortable swimming in the big digital lake.

Do you have a vision for the future of transportation in Minnesota that you plan to share with the state’s transportation planners?

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